Saturday, April 28, 2012

We did a lot today.  We went to town and did some shopping.  We came home and fed Chloe.  I ran back to town for adult beverages.  We put Chloe down for nap. We moved a shed.  We MOVED A SHED!!!  We REALLY cleaned up the yard and the contents of that small shed.  It opened up the yard and tomorrow I am going to move the BBQ south and our yard should be that much closer to being habitable.

As we were resting at the end of the day, before running to town for a pizza since neither of us felt up to cooking, this fellow dropped into the yard within about 6 feet of us.  He was friendly and talkative and it was nice seeing him stop by!

1 comment:

Lorrene said...

That really is an upscale bird house.
No wonder that bird is acting happy.
The economy must be picking up.