Sunday, April 1, 2012

Takai's Making a Movie

George Takai posted that Paramount had signed him to do the next Star Trek movie.  I was excited about this until I realized that today is April Fool's Day.  Bummer, foiled again.

Here are a few pictures.  Enjoy!
 Easter Egg hunt at Daycare.
 I took a few shots of the girl doing "Crafts" yesterday.  She enjoyed taking stickers and putting them on backgrounds.  I liked the way she looked in the light and took several photos.

 Love the expressions!
 Then at naptime, I took apart some old lenses I'd come upon from old enlargers and did some experimenting.  Took the lens off my camera and held these in front.  I had to decide on the shutter speed and other settings, but after experimenting, I came up with this shot.
That silver lens is the one that took the shot above.  I managed to obtain the bellows that had been with it and that went over the front of my camera and kept a lot of light out of the way.  I think, given the right subjects, it is a viable way to take photos.  Also, it challenges you to go back to the basics of setting your own shutter speed and making educated guesses.  Oh, and the shot below was taken using one of those lenses from an enlarger.  They were two 75mm lenses and one 50.  The silver one was made in the USA (probably in the 1960s) and has 13 blades in its aperture diaphragm.  One was made in Germany and has 6 blades, while the Japanese made lens has only 5 blades.  The 13 blade makes a lovely round aperture.   
Have a good Sunday!

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