Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter Egg Hunt!

 First thing's first.  I got a new lens.  I bought this lens a couple weeks ago.  It is the cheapest lens I have ever seen that fits my camera.  For a grand total of $22 and some change, I got a "Holga" lens.  Holgas were 120 cameras from the 1960s.  They were made cheaply and had light leaks and plastic lenses.  They also had quite distinct looks to their photographs.  I got mine today as we walked to our town's Easter Egg Hunt.  I could not wait to try it out.

You will know when i'm using it, because it has a distinct vignette and brighter colors with a soft look.  I am VERY happy with it.  It requires significantly more labor to get a photo, but I think they come out okay.  They remind me of snap shots from my youth.

You should note, the ones I used earlier this week, required a lot of post-processing.  These have had nothing added.  They might not be the crispest photos, but they mean a lot to me.
 The next one is from a regular lens.  We went to the Moxee Easter Egg Hunt.  Chloe thought it was fun!
 Cora went out and helped her, while I stayed behind the lines and took pictures.
 She did pretty good, though she did it on her own time schedule.

 Look at that haul!

 Have you seen my beautiful wife?
 Chloe got some bubbles in her eggs and we made some bubbles for her, too!!
 Chloe loved playing on the equipment at the end, too!
 It was a great day.

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