Friday, April 6, 2012

Our Day in Pictures

 Well, that's a poor translation, since obviously I am going to narrate.  And also, I did not take pictures of everything, but we had fun.
 Chloe and I went down and saw my sister today.  I'd intended to do it earlier in the week, but our schedule got mixed up.  Chloe was REALLY excited to see her cousins.  I think her cousins enjoyed seeing her, too.
 After that we went to a park because Chloe requested it.  I told her I thought it might be a little cool for playing in the park.  Chloe assured me, "Dad, not too cold. It warm'n' up!"  Once she made THAT argument, I could not disagree.  We found a good park and set about having fun.  Much of which included her jumping off of steps.  Something she picked up from cousin Eli.  Well, that's not entirely true.  She jumps a lot anyway.
 A couple of the cousins stood still long enough for a picture...

Only one missing here!  By the way, they did this themselves, all Aunt C and I did was say look over here and say cheese!
We went to McDonald's for lunch and she played in the playground there, too.  She ate almost nothing.  Honestly, I think she somehow metabolizes air!

Nap time did not come until WAY late, and we only let her have about an hour nap.  She would have preferred to go to the park...again.  The only way she went down was when I told her she could try to convince Mommy that she needed to go to the park. She is eating yogurt as I write.  She is tired and it shows, but soon she will be in bed, and I am positive she will be out before the lights are.  all-in-all It was a great day.

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