Monday, April 30, 2012

Spring Blah

I am feeling the Spring Blahs.  I guess I'm just tired.  I awoke last night to cramping and then was up quite awhile concentrating on not feeling well.  I went back to bed only to hear Chloe awake.  So I went and made her some "HOT MILK" and put her back to bed.  I managed to sleep another hour before more cramping.  Finally, I decided that I could not be sure I would feel better later, so I set in action the wonderful workings of the sub-line.  I got a sub.  I stayed home.  I felt miserable.

I managed to clean up some of the house in between lying prone and not moving for vast periods.


My twentieth reunion is coming up.  They want $50.00 a head.  I liked those people, but I have a life of my own, and I still have the love of money I had in college:  I hated to see large amounts go for not much gain.  If I'm going to get a babysitter to take care of Chloe all night...I kinda just want to spend that time with my wife.  Besides, some of those people are just detestable and annoying.  Why would I PAY money to spend time with THOSE people?  Don't get me wrong, there are a lot of people from my graduating class that I like, but it's like eating an ice cream sundae that has a couple pebbles in it: is it really going to be THAT enjoyable if you know that your teeth might be in jeopardy?


I did not get even a chance to apply for the job I'm working and I have a class filled with jerks.  Add to that a sudden blast of Spring Fever and there is a recipe for the SPRING BLAHS!


Chloe has been acting very TWO lately.  She's been potty training, hard-headed, stubborn, and difficult.




jade said...

You'll find a job with classes that are not filled with jerks - much better no?
And Chloe will be big before you know it.
Am voting for the BLAHS to go away and leave you alone, I prefer watching pictures!
The on the fly barn was very nice and so was the cheap lens one.

Terra said...

I'm with ya about the reunion, Jim...I don't need to pay to see people I wasn't terribly fond of. Hope the blahs go away soon!