Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Weekend And The last Couple Days

 This is the face we see more often than not, and it is one of those things that brings a smile to my face every time.  We are completely and totally in love with this kid.  She almost always gets up in a good mood.  She smiles and calls us Mommy and Daddy.  She's wonderful.

She really got into Easter this year.  We dyed eggs on Saturday, and she was in the middle.

 She sometimes was more than a little... athletic with the eggs.
 ...but she still managed to help.  The picture below shows the awesome silk-dyed eggs that Cora tried.  CAN YOU BELIEVE HOW COOL THOSE ARE?!?!?
The Easter Bunny brought some REALLY spectacular things for the girl.  The most important was the CHOCOLATE!

 Followed by the KITTY!  It purrs and meows.
 She got some sandbox time.
We had steak and some grilled vegetables...
Last night we went to Gymkids.  Here she is dressed up.  I used my plastic lens.
But before we went to gym, she and I sat outside in the 70 degree weather!  WOW!  The past few evenings have been warm!  This evening the temperature in the house was 76!
 And tonight she got some time with BUBBLES!
 This is her telling her mom about her day.  It was a lively conversation.
  It's been a good few days!  I thought you might like the pictures.

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jade said...

Love the pictures! Cora looks tired though, she sure deserves some time off if you ask me!

Enjoy the last days! Jade