Friday, April 27, 2012

April Sho--, ah, Who'm I Kiddin'? TGIF!!!

 I took a few photos this week..  I may have gotten a few good ones.  Mostly of the weather.  Wednesday the weather was coursing through the sky.  Thunder was there.  I never saw the lightning.  After work I saw the clouds boiling and decided to find a good spot to take photos from.  Being as there are no public places to a good view from, I borrowed someone else's for the few minutes it took to gather photos.

I parked the truck and hiked a good 1/4 mile...straight up.  It was relatively steep and I was puffing a little.  It had more to do with the lay of the land than my portly figure...really!

When I arrived I found a wonderful place to take pictures from.  I could see much of the valley and someone had thoughtfully created a nice flat area from which to photograph.  I commenced to shoot.  I watched the clouds scud across in front of me.  Then I looked to my right and noted some weather headed my way.  I figured I had ten minutes, I had three.  I was drenched by the time I arrived back at the truck, but I got some pretty neat pictures.

 I also found occasion to shoot some flowers this week.
 And a bridge.
 Spring is being generous and has seen temperatures unseasonably warm.  Up into the 80s at times.  That seems to have pushed every tree and plant into overdrive.  The rain of the past few days has pushed the river to almost flood.  My grass needs to be mowed.  And oh boy am I glad it is Friday!
 I have had one of those weeks when you look back you can't find anything big terribly bad about it, but you know that it sucked big time and you did not enjoy it.  My sixth period class has continued to play havoc with me.  I can't blame the whole class, there are some really good students in there, but mixed among them, generously, are a bunch of assholes.  They work off each other and when one is in trouble another erupts.  I obviously need to find a better way to deal, but thus far, every trick I've tried has gone down in flames.  Yesterday was pretty good.  I gave two referrals and two trouble makers were gone, so, all-in-all it was a pretty good class.  Still, I was ever so glad for the end of the day.
 Chloe has gone into potty training mode.  She has been pooping on the potty for over a month...what, since February?  Insane.  Anyway, she is doing pretty good.  We've had accidents, and some testing ("What? I'm not supposed to pee standing up?  In pants?  With no diaper?" )

Still, I'd rather spend all day with her than ten minutes with my students.  Chloe came in a slept with us one night.  We both eventually were kicked from the bed and this is what we saw by dawn's early light.  For your orientation, the head of the bed is exactly opposite hers.
Cora begins a new job around the first of the month.  I think she may be happy again.  I, on the other hand, was disappointed when someone took the job I am working at from within the district.  I didn't even have a chance to apply for the position.  It sucks, but at least I am getting experience.

This weekend I think we are going to work in the yard.  Lots to do to make our yard worthy of habitation.



Kim said...

thinking you need to come and see us and teach me some things about my camera.... Love the photos..
have a great weekend..

jade said...

Those pictures are amazing, the one with Chloe is the best of course, I so know the feeling of being kicked out of your own bed by someone who has her own bed elsewhere!