Thursday, October 27, 2011


I'm tired and yet another iteration of this cold I've been carrying around is trying to bash in my senses.  Plus it's parent/teacher conferences.  Which, I found out Wednesday morning, includes a split shift for me.  Oh, and yesterday was the first day of said conferences.  Way to get important information on time!  Yea!  And how did I get this info?  I asked.  I begged.  I finally sent an e-mail asking ANYONE to answer.  Finally the principal relented and sent a one word answer to my query.  Nice.  Jerk.

We only had three periods yesterday.  I had two...until I walked in and they asked me to cover 2nd period for another teacher.  I said yes before realizing I still had to print progress reports.  Stupid, stupid, stupid!

Then we had a lab that included using rulers to measure in millimeters.  I was astonished to learn that the kids were not sure what a millimeter was.  Sure, a few knew, but apparently they guard such information like it were gold.  The rest of the bozos just measured in whatever unit they wanted.  Which, by the looks of it included centimeters and inches.  Seriously!  You should have seen the looks when I tried to explain that there were 10 millimeters in a centimeter.  You would have thought I was suggesting that their toenails come to life as puppies after they clip them!  Several gave me looks like, "So why should anyone know what a millimeter is?"  I retreated to my desk to drink a Pepsi and hope that it was a bad dream.

I was not home until after 7pm.  I came home in the middle and did some house work, but it made for a mixed up, messed up day.  Boy was I happy to come home and see both of my girls waiting for me!  I'd thought missing out on the afternoon stuff with Chloe might actually be ok, but I missed it!  She was in a good mood when I got home!  Cora had made a wonderful dinner that I could not eat enough of, and life was better!

Today we go at it again.  More conferences.  I got ten parents last night.  I have around 130 kids.  That's not a very credible showing.  Oh, well.  Friday is around the corner!    

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Charissa said...

Whoa! That must of kilo-de you. The whoas of teaching the masses. Sorry bro.

Btw, I hate this cold too, that some generous family members shared with us a week and a half ago. J and I are having a difficult time kicking it, the rest were better by Friday Pllltth!

Wish it were tomorrow today.