Sunday, October 30, 2011

Wild Weekend...Well...

 We printed some pictures this weekend.  I printed my Dump Truck, and it looks GOOD!  I'd like to get a larger frame for it.  I think I could sell that little bugger!  I'm really quite fond of it!

Cora made sure we carved the pumpkins.  Cora carved the green one.  I carved the other three...I like the skull best.  I'm not fond of the witch, but it's a start.

 I think we have a very scary front porch.
Chloe was eating dinner while watching Elmo this evening, and I thought I should get a shot of her focus.
we also got to spend some time with Cora's sisters and Leah!  It was a really good weekend, if much, much too short!


Lorrene said...

Wow........Some great pumpkin faces there.

Anonymous said...

There are several photos you might think about framing and selling. Someone told me just the other day, that they love your photos and wondered if you ever thought about entering some contests for photo book covers, calendars and an art show. She was dead serious about what she said. You might think about it too. And then do it. Love Mom