Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Weekend Shots

It was a great weekend.  Here are a few shots.

 Chloe has enough hair for a pony tail now.  It's pretty stinking cute!  She continues to have the energy of two horses, seven motorcycles, five freight trains, and a nuclear powered aircraft carrier.
 So after a day of being 105% cute, 100% mischievous, and 1000% SPICY, what does a girl do?

There are hundreds of things to do and I am sure to finish none of them this week.  I finally got the codes for the gradebook at my class, which means I'll be catching up all week.  Parent teacher conferences are in the next two weeks, so I just can't wait for that (right up there with getting a tooth removed without painkillers).  I had a kid steal some referral forms yesterday.  After the lock on Friday, I was about ready to threaten hangings, but that isn't allowed.  So, I called the vice principal and we got the security officer to search all of their bags...it was in the last bag he searched.  It happened to be hiding in a crevice between two cabinets, the "perp" had fled without his bag.  still...I know who it was and he will be spoken to.  The security officer was planning to speak to him, too.  I gave them a week of me getting my bearings and now I am ready to get on with the party.

I also seem to have caught a lovely head cold...which is one of my favorite things in the world.  It's an invisible monster, and only I can feel it.  YUCK!

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Charissa said...

It's all in your head ;)

Cute pics!