Friday, October 14, 2011

Last Night

 After dark and the wife was in bed.  I couldn't sleep.  I read for awhile and then decided to listen to Pandora while I read.  Then I saw a picture on my photo program that I'd been wanting to edit.  Then I got an idea for how to fix it.  I fiddled and I played and I tweaked and I adjusted and I just had a little fun.  What do you think?

I could spend hours on the computer editing photos if only my schedule, my daughter, and my wife would allow it.  Too bad all I get from it is some compliments.  Maybe I should start offering to do portraits.  

I am so glad it is Friday.  I discovered, today, that I am supposed to keep check of the kids who are tardy.  I did...or thought I did, by marking them tardy, but apparently, even though I mark them in the system, they don't go off to the same place absences do.  So, I have to keep track and punish the kids for being tardy...they have been taking advantage of my misinformation.  That angers me, even though it is to be expected.  Well, I'll be taking care of that right now!

Still worse, one of my little offenders was caught going to the bathroom on the other side of the school...that makes me even more mad.  The little shit obviously did wrong, but he didn't even have the intelligence NOT TO GET CAUGHT!  Well, let's just say, bathroom breaks are being curtailed.

Let me change the subject.  I don't know if I have bragged about Chloe enough lately.  So here are a few shots of her from when we got home today!

I say the weekend can stay here all week and I won't complain!


Edna B said...

I followed a link on Bonnie's blog, and I'm so glad I did. It brought me here. I really love your photos and your sense of writing humor. Also, your little chloe is simply adorable. I wish you much happiness with her. Hugs, Edna B.

Anonymous said...

Look's like a circus should be under that sky! Chloe is as cute as ever, she has to be a sweet heart!
Aunt Carol