Saturday, October 15, 2011

Someone's ONE!

 My youngest nephew celebrated his first birthday tonight.  (My sister and brother-in-law were celebrating their's, too, but who are we kidding, they aren't as important as the youngest!)  He got right into the unwrapping, although some of the gifts were bigger than he was!
 The candle shown like a small sun!  In an even smaller solar system that didn't really have planets, but rather people, who didn't orbit the small sun/candle but rather blew it (the small sun/candle) out.  So, I guess it wasn't really like a sun, so you should really just ignore the comparison.
 I took a few candid shots of my niece, and this is what she looked like when she caught me.  I can't believe how much she has grown up!
On the way home, it was getting well past Chloe's bed time and she was letting us know about it.  She let us know most of the way home.  That is, until that magical wonder of modern technology that we call our Sirius Satellite Radio beeped and told us that a certain song was about to play.  We were, by this time, running ragged with the crying in the back seat.  So, we changed channels to this song, expecting to hear the crying accompanying the music, but then an awesome thing happened.   She stopped crying.  We looked at each other and noted that we each had raised eye brows.  We knew it couldn't last but we were SO happy for the respite.

The song ended and there was STILL no crying in the back seat!  We thought, "WOW! We broke the cycle!"  Until the next song came on and she let us know she was unhappy.  We shared a glance and then experimentally, not expecting a repeat performance, we pushed the button and skipped the music back to replay the magical song.  The wailing in the back seat stopped.  We didn't move for fear of breaking the spell.

We played the song all the way home.  Over and over, and if we forgot to rewind it quickly enough, that small  music critic in the back seat told us in ear piercing tones.  So, what magic song does she love?  This one:

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