Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Wild Sofas

Years ago, Cora and I lived in California.  We lived in a not so pretty part.  Some of our neighbors in the area littered.  Usually bottles, paper, and small trash.  One day, as we drove off for the day, we saw a toilet.  My memory is a bit foggy, but somehow the conversation came around to the fact that the toilet had not been DUMPED, but rather, it had been hit crossing the road.  Our logic continued that it was probably an old toilet, and could not keep up with the herd.  It wasn't but a few days later we saw another, different, toilet, not far from the other.  This strengthened our argument for the rare toilet herd of Yuba County.  It was this reinforcement of the toilet losses/car accidents that caused our conversations to stick in my mind.

I was out the other day taking a few pictures when I saw something related.  It was a wild sofa.  "What's that?" you say?  "No, No! It can't be!"

Well, yes, it can be.  This sofa is proof that there are furniture herds out there all around the US.  It is only through the work of stealthy "furniture makers" that we have what we sit on right now!  These "furniture makers" ACTUALLY go around the US searching for the wild herds of furniture, which they obviously trap, gut and dry. It is the dried husks of these secretive, shy creatures that we rest our heads and bottoms on.  "Furniture makers" go back hundreds of years and are much more secretive than even the tightest-lipped members of the Temple of the Shrine!

No one dumps furniture on the side of the road, these are the poor individuals that could not keep up with the herd.  Here is the proof.  This sofa obviously froze when it spotted me and simply looks abandoned.  I'm pretty sure it had been grazing when I surprised it.
As you can see, this one is shedding, probably dropping it's summer colors in preparation for winter.
The truth is out there, you just have to look for it and believe!


Lorrene said...

A couple lawn chairs got lost from the herd and have been hanging around my back door. I wonder if there is a couch/chair police.

I can hear you and Cora having that conversation.LOL

Anonymous said...

I think you caught him/her red handed... busted! LoL! =)

happy week

jade said...

Did I ever mention I think you are a great blogpost writer?