Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Day of Rest

This is Brie.  She is my sister's Llama.  I'm fond of her.  She is good to make portraits of, don't you think?
 Last night we got home after listening to The Cave, by Mumford and Sons, for the fifteenth time.  Chloe eventually went to bed.  It wasn't but a couple hours later that our little angel was awake again.  She has caught the cold that Cora has had...and now it seems I may be coming down with the same thing.  Since Cora had spent the previous night up with her, I figured it was my turn, We finally ended up next to each other on the twin bed in Chloe's room.  Chloe rested on a pillow next to me, while I formed a barrier to keep her from rolling.  I don't know how long we were resting like that.  Cora came in and checked on us and found it was Chloe's snoring that she'd heard on the monitor, not mine.

Cora and I were up for a couple more hours since neither of us could sleep.  Cora was still coughing.  My back was sore from laying next to Chloe for so long.  Chloe slept for a little while longer, but eventually we all awoke and started all over again with a not-feeling-well baby.  Eventually I got a couple hours of sleep and I think Cora might have gotten a little bit, too, but I don't think any of us are up to doing much today.

Today, I think it will be Netflix streaming on the Wii and some soup and some relaxation.  I might go out and do some work on the yard, and then the weekend will be over and we'll start the week all over again...I'd like a longer weekend.  Anyone else?

This is my dad.  He isn't fond of my taking his picture, but he's a good sport, so he let me.
I should have something a little more up beat to say, but I'm really sleepy and I think everyone else here is too.  I'd like to get out and do something, but I just don't see it happening.

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Tricia @ Bluff Area Daily said...

The llama face is just too cute... so funny! =)

Hope you're all feeling better real soon