Tuesday, January 19, 2010

World Rejoice!

I call upon all of you who have ever had your computer in the shop and gone through internet withdrawals to have a cup of coffee with me and say, "Hurrah!" I almost had to detox there for awhile, but Cora lent me her computer a few times a day so I could get a hit. A few times...I even checked my e-mail at school...and the kids saw me! I guess I am just a bad role model. But, I never asked them if they wanted to check their e-mail, so it isn't like I was dealing! Yes, I am addicted to the internet and my e-mail. I admit it. That's the first step, though.

hmmm...never really asked what the second step is. I assume it is simply go back to your daily routine of checking mail and surfing the web...now I can answer all those questions that were rushing to be answered! What did I ever do before the internet? Oh, yeah...encyclopedias. Well, I still have those in a few boxes should I ever need them again. you know, like my secret stash.

Ahh, it feels good to be back! The week and 3 days I was without Voldemort (yes, I named my computer Voldemort, the last one was Toshi) seemed like a very long time indeed! Cora will tell you that I was plaintive and whiny and annoying and, sometimes, morose. She is greatly understating the situation, though, bless her heart.

The last three days were the hardest! It got to Spokane on Saturday and sat there in the FedEx place...just sat there. Finally yesterday morning it moved to Yakima! I took Cora to work so I could change her oil and then I got home and began to wait...but I needed to drop something off for Cora. I called FedEx for an approximate time that they would be here to drop off my Beloved Computer. They said they'd call back. They did not. I was gone for about a half hour.

When I got home there was a note on the door. I called and then jumped in the car to try and find the bastard who took my Precious away! I could not locate him. I had missed him by fifteen minutes! Oh, the humanity! I called and called and begged and pleaded, there was no other way to contact the driver. I cursed and pounded my fists!

Finally, I gave in, I knew I would have to pick it up at the FedEx office. I was downtrodden and listless for the next hour. I had to go get Cora first. I picked her up and then we went to FedEx and picked up my Precious Beloved and came home. Last night I spent the evening reloading all the programs I had put on it originally. Ah, a labor of love! I have a few more programs and then to put all those music CDs back on it and then I will be back where I started...about 19 or 20 days after the first indications of a bad keyboard...which they replaced.

So, now you know! Rejoice and share the feeling of hope with the world you get from this message! You can have your computer back! Never give up!

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Grandma L said...

Oh the anxiety of sweating out the Fedex guy. I've been there.
I'm sure glad you have it back. I missed you.