Thursday, January 21, 2010

Ahh, Life!

I get my computer back and then don't post at's that for a fine how d'ya do? I guess I have been busy trying to get what I had on it back on it. Last night I kind of took the night off and played my submarine was nice to get back to it. I still have a couple things to add, but it's getting better.

I have worked all week, well, not Monday, since the schools observe Martin Luther King Day. That gave me time to do some running around and make some calls and things. I took the car in for the oil change. I called the agency to see if they planned on answering an email in the next week or two. I waited around for my computer NOT to show up. all in all it was a sucky day until I picked up my computer.

The rest of the week has been better. I think Cora and I both need a breather, though. A vacation somewhere warm would be nice, but I think we'll have to wait until the warm comes to us.

Today, I worked sped at one of the elementaries. I forgot just how tiring it is to work with some kids. Both physically and mentally. Still, it was a good day! I enjoyed their greetings! Some of these kids I have been around for over two years! Their greetings are often exuberant. I have not been over to that particular school for a couple months. The students there, not just the SPED students, seemed to have missed me...really missed me. Now, I am just a sub, but that kind of reception has a tendency to make a guy feel pretty good. Of course, the ladies I worked with were pretty nice, too!

One little girl, well, she isn't a little girl any more, I think she's in fourth grade now, has moved on from SPED to life skills and I did not see her until the end of the day. She dropped her bag and came and gave me a great big hug...that's the kind of greeting that makes you smile.

Tuesday, I was working at WHS and my phone vibrated. I called the number back and it was the nurse at the El. She answered and said that she was big fan of my art work. I know someone blowing smoke up my...well, I knew I was being charmed. I am, however, inclined to listen to praise of my art work. She said someone close to her was having a birthday and wanted to know if I would make a drawing for her. I told her I would. About 6 feet long? I said yes.

Today, she called again to see if I would. I told her yes. I was actually in the area. So, after work, I dropped by and found a note. She asked that I draw "Maxine" holding onto a rocket...I managed it. It looked pretty darned good. I made her two to choose from...I suspect she will use both. They aren't quite six feet long, but I think she'll like them...and I did manage a pretty good Maxine.

Tomorrow is Friday!!! I will be working with some third graders that I will have for a full week in February. Should be interesting.

This weekend? I think I will wait until it gets here before I make any rash decisions.

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