Sunday, January 3, 2010

Wild Things

Around here you must always be prepared to play fetch late at night. And early in the morning.
Gypsy, while not as bouncy, in-your-face, play-with-me-now as Toby, does get into the act. She especially wants to look at you and chuff or whatever you call that coughing/laugh thing that she does.

Toby still loves his monkey. I put it in the wash last week, and because he had a new toy he did not notice that it was gone, but when we gave it back to him, you would have thought it had been gone forever. He was SOOO excited to have it back.

The other night he was being annoying late at night. I faked throwing his monkey and then ushered them both outside. While they were outside I put the monkey away. When he came back in he spent the next 15 minutes searching for his monkey...finally Cora said I should give it back to him. I sneaked in, put the monkey in my breast pocket, and came out again. He continued to search until Cora pointed at the monkey on my chest. You could totally see the light and recognition in his eyes when he finally realized where it was. Once he got it back he was tossing it around in the air and catching it and in general showing his extreme pleasure...dogs.

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