Monday, January 4, 2010

Back to the Old Routine

As a substitute teacher without a job for today yet, I am sitting here in my chair sucking down coffee and watching the job site for a job to come up. Even though it is unlikely that most teachers will take the first day back off, there is a chance and I am hoping to snag that one job that is bound to come out of two districts (That said, I can, with a fair amount of certainty, say I would not take this day off unless I was coughing up a lung). Of course, right now, I am beginning to lose hope, but until 7am there is still a chance.

Cora took down the tree yesterday. While it gives us more room behind our chairs, it does seem a little chillier in it possible that the fake tree was providing insulation from the window? Yeah, must be psychosomatic.

We went shopping yesterday. We got groceries and managed to stay with the list. We thought we'd try something this month and try to avoid buying unnecessary things. Maybe we can save a little more money that way. Alas, that means no books for me. It also means no Starbucks and no eating out...but then, we have cut down on most of those in the past year anyway. We used to eat out A LOT! So, I will try to check back in and mention how much we managed to save at the end of the month...but, I make no guarantee.

What does today hold for me? Subbing for one of the school districts or mopping the floors at home? Preferably the former.

I would like to make a model ship in the near future. Of course most people's idea of a model ship might be anywhere from 10 inches long to a few feet. NO. Mine take up a good deal LESS space. My model ship would only take up 5 inches if it were the Queen Mary. The scale I enjoy is 1/2400, which means for every foot (12 inches) of model the is 2400 feet of subject matter. So something that is 1200 feet long in real life, the model would only be 6 inches long. I built an airplane a few years ago of the biggest production bomber ever. It had a wing span of 230 feet. The model was just over an inch in wing span. I don't write names on grains of rice, but I built a train engine that was smaller than one. So, maybe I will find room to build something in the near future.

Well, 630am and still no job...crap another day of dishes and laundry.

HEY! I get to work in the afternoon!

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Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Hope a job comes open today..
But mopping floors sounds good to me.. I am going to do that today also...
Have a great day..
I need to go grocery shopping and stick to a list.. we just go over every night...
Have a great day..