Thursday, January 28, 2010

Hero Takes a Fall

I suppose every teacher has a few embarrassing moments. I have had a few. The worst was having to leave the room of fourth graders so I could go to the hall and vomit in a wastebasket.

This morning wasn't much better, though. I was in an art class. The teacher's desk was on a raised dais. Two steps is all I had to descend. Well, the gripper on the step and the tread on my shoes apparently never met, and I ended up rolling my ankle to the side. When that happened, I had been putting most of my weight on it. Needless to say my weight had to go somewhere when the foot/ankle combination stopped supporting it. My other foot, airborne for the moment, could offer no help and down I went. Coffee in one hand and air in the other, I hit the ground.

The class, which had been talking and somewhat noisy, chose to stop everything they were doing to observe the idiot who could not walk. For my part, I struggled to my feet (even the now reluctant problem child left foot), and explained that I was ok, but twisted my ankle. Once they had ascertained that I was still able to carry out anything necessary, they went back to work and talking. I am sure a few looked forward to a teacherless hour momentarily while I was still out of view. I managed to walk around the room with a minimum of wincing and since I ignored it so did they.

That did not stop it from hurting like all get out!

And this is what I don't get: Most times time slows down during moments like that, this time it sped up! I swear, one moment I was up and stepping down and the next a woosh of air and I was flat on the ground trying to brush off the embarrassment! Weird!

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