Sunday, January 24, 2010

Internet Friends!!

I had written a very long and very beautiful post concerning the Computer and Internet revolutions and their similarities to the television revolution. I also cited how they were not bad, even though it is possible they have lead to less personal contact in relationships. They are still good. Here's why: I have found many, many new friends on the internet, some of whom I have never net face to face. As proof I offered a recent gift we received from an internet friend in Australia.

However, none of you will ever see that post, because even though I saved it, BLOGGER ate the damned thing. I can't find it and can't get it back, so after a long bit of cursing, some of which caused a small black cloud to appear over my head complete with lightning and rain (I saved the computer, no worries), I am writing this extremely short post instead. Cora may have become a victim of my tantrum, too...but she will survive.

We got a wonderful package in the mail from Peta Marie. She sent Aiden a stuffed Koala! But, what's best, she sent cool stuff for Cora and me, too! Cora got a couple of very beautiful Australian tea towels(is that the same as a kitchen towel?), and she sent me an Australian Weather Gage, and a neat list of Aussie Slang! So, I wanted to say: Peta, you ROCK!! Which is American for: You're Bonzer! That sheila, Peta, is Ripper! The gifts are grouse! We were RAPT to get them! THANKS!!!

I found the perfect place for the weather least until the weather clears up(hmmm, is that bad? I want to protect my weather gage from the weather?). It was a perfect gift! I was laughing my head off while reading it! Besides, this particular room sometimes has fog issues and I think this might help me.:

Oh, you can't see where it is...let me back off a bit:

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Peta-maree said...

G'Day Jimbo glad you liked the bonza gift.

Love the haning of the weather gage just hope you dont get to many Cycolnes in there.

Tea Towels are different to Kitchen Towels down here. Tea Towels are usually made of of nice material that you wash and reuse. Kitchen Towel is usually paper towel that you use once and throw out.

I am so glad that I met you and Cora and I cant wait to we all get to meet up someday soon.