Saturday, January 2, 2010

Notch One Up For the Skipper!

So, I jumped in the USS Plunger today and crossed the Pacific. I found this Japanese freighter. Note the smoke at the stern. I just managed to hit his very end. I think he was going faster than I calculated...nonetheless, another torpedo was all it took.
the last one did the trip. See the stern is at a different angle than the bow? Right after the photo the mast/post on the bow collapsed and the stack fell into the water.
It sank...needless to say.

So, Cora says I have become obsessive over this game. I only spent part of the day playing it. If I was REALLY obsessive I would paint one of the bathrooms gray/green, replace the white lights with red ones. Every time I decided to play my new game I would call,"Battle stations, Torpedo!! All hands man your battle station!!"

There are numerous ways you could tell that I have gone too far, but I will leave it to you to decide. Carry on.

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Grandma L said...

That looks fascinating. One more of those new fangled gadgets that I probably couldn't quite grasp.