Monday, January 11, 2010

It's a Hard Knock Life!

I am going to post from the Wife's computer. It will be short. I sent my new computer off to Texas Friday. It should be there today. I hope it is a simple problem that they can fix relatively quickly. Lord knows I have been going through withdrawals. Less Facebook, less e-mail, and less surfing. I miss my submarine game a lot!

Someone at work told me they thought a Dell was better than my new HP...I don't argue with that, but unless that particular person would like to pony up a few extra hundred dollars, I just go with the nifty little computer I bought in November for about 300. It is still LIGHTYEARS ahead of my old Toshiba which has all but died. So much so that I decided to do surgery last night. I figured there was nothing to was already acting more like a paperweight than a computer.

So, I took it apart. Here you may see the guts of a Toshiba Laptop...who knew things were so darned small! I was amazed! Oh, and just ignore the beads and ribbons...those are separate projects.
There was a surprising amount of dust and dirt and dog hair in the damned thing! In places you wouldn't expect to see it. It was just strange! I unhooked everything. Blew it out. Wiggled and pressed and pried and tapped. I guess I was hoping to find a battery for the battery was found. I did break a few screw locations and some other bits...but I put it back together and it worked the same as it did before...I mean, it turned on! See below, I wanted to prove it.
You can tell it was AFTER surgery because of the bare items under the screen...that piece of plastic covering that area was a casualty during surgery and needed to be removed. It doesn't work any better, but it isn't any worse. It came out a wash.

I work Music at the El all week! I am a lucky guy. Good kids, great co-workers, and I am close to home. On the other hand, I DO have the words to Annie's Hard Knock Life bouncing around in my head...

Now, let's all hope my computer comes home to me soon!


Grandma L said...

Did those pearls come out of it too? I thought pearls came out of oysters. Just my feeble attempt to cheer you up a tad. I can tell it's not working.

SpunkyBookworm said...

I really miss the duct tape you had on this particular machine. I like my cheap laptop, too. It gets the job done! Thanks for checking out my blog! I like the whole, "I'll show you mine if you show me yours" hahaha!! I will be a Jim Huffman blog follower from now on.
It IS fun.