Friday, August 21, 2009


There were some thunderstorms last night. Apparently a few lightning strikes...according to my mother and the firefighters I spoke to when I took these pictures.
Above is over near Gable Mountain on the Hanford Nuclear
Above is one that closed down hiway 241 north of Sunnyside.
here is what it looked like on the road heading East from Moxee, note theone on the right...I thought for sure I'd be crossing the fire.
Here it is from the end of our road. I saw it as I was leaving work. I came home and got the camera and the dog and made a 60 mile road trip for these pictures. I had time and I was curious!
Toby seemed to enjoy the ride, even though he did not get the chance to go for a run.


Cora said...

looks like you had fun driving with the dog!

Charissa said...

Poor Toby. Common Jim, just a few dashes through the cheat grass.