Friday, August 28, 2009

Finally Friday!

What to do with the weekend? I am not sure. I suppose I could take a day and go wreckchasing, but I hate to just leave for a whole day when there are things to be done at the house.

Maybe I can just go for a short forray toward Zillah and find some old people to talk to about the gunnery range there...hmmm, or find out where "Mrs. Ted Johnson" lived in airplane went down not too far away and I am itching to discover where exactly. Wonder if Zillah has a Museum or a historical society...guess I'd better do some research.

Today, well, it's Friday!!! I love Fridays. That means the Weekend is within reach.

It has been warm in the afternoons and cool in the mornings this week. Yesterday was the first time I wore full length pants in probably two months. Not that you need that info, but I thought it was an interesting insight on my sense of summer fashion.

Well, I need to head for work and see what needs to be done today...for some reason, I suspect I will find myself used for hard labor...hope not.


Cora said...

Hope you had a good day at work. Funny how the plans always change when we get to the weekend, I thought we were going to get that bedroom put together.

Jimh. said...

Oh..yeah, I said that, huh? I s'pose we could do that!