Saturday, August 1, 2009

Dog Days of Summer

We have been watching Cora's Parent's dog this week. Pepper is a very bright dog. She loves to fetch. She DOES get a little annoying when she has a toy with a squeaker in we were moving Cora's sewing to the back room and things were in general disarray, when Pepper decided she wanted to play fetch. (Funny how dogs choose their own time when they want to play) I decided to take the whole lot over to a school to let them get some exercise and maybe tire them out. Tired dogs are considerably LESS annoying than playful rested ones. Watch the video all the way through, because the best part is at the end. Toby shows how to drink out of a hose...he is an expert.

The next one shows how our dogs act when they get a treat. Note that Gypsy is usually a very shy and reluctant part of the family. For her to act like that is a bit abnormal...but funny. Toby walks around with the bone in his mouth until he thinks no one is watching, then he will bury it. He is such a funny dog!

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