Friday, August 14, 2009

I was happy!

Some days just go well. I had one go well today. I began the day about 5:40am. My stupid biological alarm clock. Still, I made use of it. I made coffee. (Makes me sad to hear my neighbor is going to stop drinking it...really Edna? Are you sure you want to do such a rash thing?) I then picked up the 7th book of the Harry Potter series. I finished it this morning, sometime after Cora went to work. It made me happy.

I then began working on the house. Doing laundry, dishes, and cleaning house. I listened to Sirius Satellite Radio. I got to listen to my new favorite song: "Very Busy People" by the Limousines. It made me happy.

Then I went to lunch with Cora. We went to a local taco stand that she frequents. They were good! It made me happy to have lunch with her.

I then took a melon and some garden veggies to Cora's Grandmother, who recently suffered a tragic traffic accident. She is fine...some bruises, and her car is not well, but otherwise, she is ok! Thank goodness! When I showed up, her Daughter and son-in-law (Cora's aunt and uncle), were there. I got the chance to visit with them (they live in Tacoma) and Grandma. It was good to see them and great to chat! I was pleased (You thought I was going to say it "made me happy" again, right?)!

Hah! fooled you! (THAT makes me happy)

I went shopping and picked up a few necessities. Then came home and cleaned house. I began dinner. Cora hd requested BBQ chicken with BBQ sauce. I decided Bullseye needed something and added some whole seed mustard, chipotle sauce, and granulated garlic...among other things. I also steamed some zucchini. It turned out very good! I opened a bottle of chardonnay. the whole thing was most YUMMY! and that made Cora happy. When she is happy..I AM HAPPY!

The weekend is ahead of us, so much to be done! I can't wait to see what it is. That makes me happy, too.

I think it was a good day.

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Cora said...

guess what I am happy you are happy and I am happy that you finished the book so that I can read it again!