Sunday, August 16, 2009

Weekend Fun!

OK, maybe not SO fun. We did move the Mazda in the fence so we can clean it out. If we don't end up giving it to Grandma, then we will sell it for whatever we can get out of it for BB. Same goes for the Buick. Also we took the dresser out, sanded and refinished it. Next, we need to put a clearcoat on it.

Friday I worked to clean house and just make it easier to do other stuff. Last night we had GREAT tacos, thanks to Cora. And while she sewed for awhile tonight, I made dinner. I believe Cora will responsible for dinner tomorrow...CARNITAS!!!! If you have never had Carnitas, you have been MISSING something from your life. Honestly, you may think you have not been eating food all this time, sawdust maybe, but not real food. Tender perfect pork!

We did some shopping that needed to be done. I got a new pair of shoes! I am so happy to have my feet in new coverings! I also picked up a book on Pacific Norh West Mushrooms. Pretty cool.

Tomorrow, I begin eight hour shifts again. Bummer not having Fridays off, but I will be less tired and more able to fix dinners or do house work before Cora gets home. Lately, with the tens, I have been beat after work.

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Cora said...

Well I hope the carnitas turn out. I am trying a new recipe in the crock pot that does not call for lard!
The weekend was too short.