Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Tacoma Waterfront

 These are some pictures i took of the Tacoma waterfront a couple weeks ago.

 The Kalakala is a local land  watermark.  I was going to tell you when it was built, but a man I met on the waterfront drew some doubt upon the widely held notion that she was built this way in the 1930s.  The man suggested she was built like this after the war by Lockheed.  I don't know which is true.
 I am exhausted.  Cora is exhausted.  She is still suffering from the after-effects of her Saturday bleedfest.  I worry about that girl sometimes.  I have been out in the 100 degree heat and ACTUALLY working my tail off.  The past two days has seen me exhausted at lunch! The heat absolutely takes every ounce of energy out you!

I found that someone had messed up the watering of the schools I am in charge of this week, and I took some time to try and figure out how to fix it.  Finally, I had to call the guy on vacation to get it figured out.  Some people might say that watering grass is not rocket science.  They may be right, but that doesn't mean that making sure a lawn is watered is as easy as putting a man in orbit!

Well, I am going to go lay my head on the pillow and, in the space of seconds, wake up to the sunrise.  THAT's how tired I am.  And the thing is I figured Chloe would be in bed early tonight.  How wrong i was!  She seems glued to consciousness.

Let me know which photo you like best!  THANKS!!

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Lorrene said...

Kalakala is my favorite. If I were 80 years younger I would go over there and have a better look.