Saturday, August 18, 2012

Saturday Morning

 Okay, some of this is last night.  She ate a popsicle in the back yard while we waited for Mommy to come home.
 THEN, Mommy braided her hair so she might have curly hair in the morning.
Finally, after sleeping between us since God-knows-when, she awoke with an undesirable cheerfulness and vigor, which neither her mother nor I shared.  Since I was rested and feeling reasonably ready for the day, I volunteered to get up with the rampaging child.  We have been doing fairly well...with a few minor disturbances, mostly centered around wanting Mommy.

She has been keeping busy by using Mommy's Kindle Fire Book.  Switching from children's videos to children's games with amazing ease.

Well, Mommy is up, let the day begin!

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