Saturday, August 4, 2012

Hop Fest Again!!

 The Hop Fest is here again.  We meant to go down, but Cora feels icky after a REALLY BAD bloody nose.  It was squirting.  We are NOT the kind of people to overreact, but this needed attention, and after 10 or so minutes without it slowing down, we decided we needed a little extra help.  I'm glad they came.  They managed to help staunch the flow after about 1/2 an hour.  She feels like her head is clogged now and it's best that she remain calm and not move around too much.

However, that was not going to stop her from going to the parade with Chloe and me!

As usual, there was a fun run...but given the expressions on most of the runners, I doubt it was very much fun.  It really makes me wonder about people who do these things to themselves and then try to make themselves feel better by calling the obvious torment they experience "FUN."  I will admit they have bodies that are considerably more fit than mine, but in a famine, I'm betting I will live longer.
 The parade was pretty long, given that our parade route is probably less than a half-mile.  We throw candy at our parade here, and the kids were ready.  It took Chloe a couple times to get into the groove, but once she got it, the kids around her had to watch out!
 I think Chloe and I will go for a a walk later, maybe even pick up dinner.  Despite Cora's not feeling so well, it's possible for this weekend to turn out good!

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