Thursday, August 9, 2012

11mm to 105mm and Beyond.

 I got my new lens today!!  It's an 11mm-16mm zoom!!  Why, you ask?  Because LOOK!!!  This is our living room wall.  This is the new lens.
 This next one is the lens that came with my camera.  It is an 18-105mm.

 Pretty cool.  I got a lens for my Birthday from Cora.  That was a 50mm.  The difference is it blurs the background better than my other lens and is better for portraits.  Here it is:
 And, of course, there is my $20 lens.  My Holga plastic lens.  It gives a lot of mood and character to the photo.  It is about a 60mm.
Holga 60mm
So, those are my lenses and I am happy to say, my range is working itself out!

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Kim said...

I need some more lens... I only have 2... you will have to tell me in more detail and prices of which ones I should get.. but then again .. I really need you and the family to come and teach me how to use my camera...LOL..
happy weekend..