Wednesday, January 11, 2012

What I should be doing

I should be in the shower.  I should be getting dressed.
I should be making a lunch and cleaning up all that's messed.
I should be getting ready for my workday that soon begins.
I should be getting ready to kick the children in their shins.
Instead, I'm here with my computer,
surfing blogs, shopping for a daughter-muter.
Looking for ways to improve my golf game,
searching for the meaning of my name.
Blogging and writing and tapping away,
when I really should just great the new day.

Thanks to the Bean for putting me in a rhyming mood.


Lorrene said...

Hey, that's pretty durn good.
It sure lifted my mood.
Now I can start my day.
but it's very low pay.
Sittin on my fanny.
Eatin chocolate candy.

(it almost rhymed)

Charissa said...

Cute Jim. great = greet.
What is a daughter-muter?
Go Lorrene!

jade said...

nice nice!
I'm off to greet my bed, with no further ado, nor rhymes for that matter...

ps "she/Chloe who could not be cuter" also rhymes on computer... but it is a bit longer than daughter-muter