Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Good Golly!

Some people have mentioned that I haven't been posting as many pictures of Chloe as they think I ought to.  Yes, she is adorable.  No, I don't want to share...just kidding.  I am going to share, but you're going to get all the bad shots...who am I kidding?  There are no bad shots.

 Below she is still wearing some of dinner on parts of her face...we cleaned her up shortly after, but when I turned my camera sideways, she thought she ought to follow its lead!

On New Years Eve we made egg roles.

 Chloe approved.

I hope the Chloe update has met with success!!


Lorrene said...

Now that is better. I can't get too much of the little cutie. I think she loves to eat. It looks good.

Anonymous said...

Yes I think these make up for everything. She looks like she is like different foods now she made me want some too!! Love it.
Aunt Carol

jade said...

I love it, looking forward to many more "bad shots", we don't mind looking at them, we really don't! And again: thanks for sharing!
oh, and by the way, I am also interested in hearing how the teaching is going at the moment, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you!

SpunkyBookworm said...

Yes! Thanks!--and thanks for your thoughts on my "poor me" blog.