Tuesday, January 3, 2012

It's Over, Dang It!

 Break is over.  Yeah, that blows.  No more standing in the house in the morning and wondering what hurricane came through in the minutes between now and the time it was clean.

This barn is located just across the road from the Buena Airport.  This side looks almost exactly like the other side of this barn.  As you can see in the first picture there is a corral behind it.  Now it is amongst apple, plum/prune, and pear orchards.  I shot these last week just after sunrise.  Go on over and see Tricia's Barn Charm.  I'm late posting, but better late than never.
I begin a new position today, one that I hope to have last until the end of the school year.  It is a Pacific Northwest History position at a local HS.  This is what I'm certified for.  I love history.  But, I have not taught history for quite awhile.  I always get stuck in elementary classrooms or for the past few months, Science.  I'm more than a little nervous, but I will survive the day, hell, I shoot from the hip everyday and I'm comfortable with that, so going into my subject area SHOULD be a relaxing idea...ah, well.

Chloe has been growing and learning and just becoming a little girl.  We have been having conversations as her language abilities shoot into fast forward.  She isn't using a lot of words strung together, but she is improving!  She reminds us to put our coats on before going outside.  If someone sneezes of coughs, chances are, she will walk off to a box of Kleenex and bring you a tissue.  She loves playing in her kitchen and at her princess vanity.  She loves it when we get on the floor and play with her.

Last night I had her in stitches, laughing hard over the things I was trying to put in her shape box.  You know where you match the square to go in the square hole and the circle for the...well, you get the idea.  So does Chloe.  Well, I had been trying to put them in the wrong holes and she was showing me the right ones, then I reached for one of her new rain boots and you would have thought that i was the height of comic humor when I tried to put the boot through the much to small holes.  Her giggle is worth its weight in platinum.  The kid is awesome!

Don't forget to go to Barn Charm!


Carletta said...

Love both shots!
I like the unusual shape of this one. What lovely old wood.
Chloe sounds like a cutie.I just came back from visiting my granddaughters and your story makes me miss them. :)

Anonymous said...

Did you break precious around Chloe, I like the barns ,but I like Chloe better!!!
Aunt Carol

Anonymous said...

Too funny w/ the boots! LoL!

The barn is fantastic & I sure wouldn't mind nosing around inside! heheheee I know, I say that a lot, but I just love these old barns & there's always some kind of treasure inside... not that I would steal it, but just to see what there is to find is so interesting to me!

Hope the new History position goes well & the kids behave themselves!!!

Thank you very much for joining, much appreciated! =)

Rose said...

I like the pictures, but love your Chloe...she sounds so much like our granddaughter Lorelei...she keeps us in stitches. I don't know what we would do without her.

Kim, USA said...

Beautiful barn. Happy New Year!

Barn Charm

Jan n Jer said...

Love the big old barn...so rustic with all that weathered wood! Good luck in your new position!!! chloe sounds like my little grand daughter...little girls are so precious!

Mari said...

I love this barn - very cool! Hope your new job goes well!

Saun said...

Love the big old barn. Good luck with the new job. I was over at our HS a few weeks ago the kids were pretty much all bigger than me. But then again I'm pretty short.I think I'll stick with 5th and 6th graders. :)

Genie said...

Gorgeous captures and processing. These are wonderful shots. Pretty as a Picture :-) genie