Sunday, January 8, 2012

Good weekend, Bad Weekend

You know how TV shows show a good cop and a bad cop?  We have had a good weekend and a bad weekend!  Chloe was an angel yesterday and most of today, but night night time was hard tonight.  She screamed like a banshee.  Got herself all sweaty and everything.  She didn't get much of a nap.  She got up several times after we put her down the first time.  We tried several different tactics to bring sleep without screaming.  Finally, I offered her a book and she asked for the "Napping House."  I gladly fulfilled the request and, for now, she is quiet.

We bought a bamboo steamer this weekend.  Friday night, really.  Last night we made dim sum...or some version.  Cora made the dough.  They were awesome.  You can go to her blog to see more pictures.

 Chloe loves to help, and for three days in a row demanded a tutu.  This morning's request went un-fulfilled.
We started to go to Target, but ended up in the Tri-Cities, where we did some shopping akin to what we used to do PC (Pre-Chloe) and Chloe was a trooper!  It was a good day.  We met up with Cora's sister and had lunch and then we were off to home.  I smoked some cheese tonight and I think it turned out ok!

Finally the Gremlin is in bed and at least quiet if not asleep.  Hurray!

My first week teaching went well.  I had butterflies the first morning, but fell into a routine and I feel the other teachers are going to take me under their wing if I need it.  Good to know there is support.  I've gotten some good advice and I have heard some fun things.

My old kids in the Science class miss me.  The "New guy is too mean!"  Maybe I was too nice...or had given up.  When I walked in on Tuesday, I made them copy down my rules and then told them a little about me.  Then we went on to have a mini-lesson.  Since then we seem to have gotten off on the right foot and the haven't even tried getting the bad habits that my former class had.

I've given some lectures:  Why are we studying missionaries in the Northwest anyway?  And some advice of my own:  "Don't make a girl mad.  If you make a guy mad, he'll punch you in the shoulder.  If you make a girl mad, she'll reach down into your soul and tear something out and you'll never be the same."  And I have had my first parent come in to talk to the principal:  I was discussing how language changes and use the King James Bible compared to bibles printed in modern language to illustrate, since we were discussing missionaries.  Apparently one of the children deemed that I was disrespecting the King James Version.  My fellow teachers laughed and said it was because I was new...No problem, nothing abnormal.  GOOD!

It's nice to hear my old kids in the hall try to get my attention just so the can wave or say hi.  My new kids don't seem to have had any trouble adjusting, so, as long as I keep my nose clean and stay on top of things, it should be fine!

Despite the Chloe-fits, it was an excellent weekend!

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