Saturday, January 21, 2012

More China, Jan 19-20, 2011

 This reaction happened a couple times in the Walmart in Changsha.  Cora and Chloe surrounded by young girls who seemed very curious about foreigners and Chinese babies.

 Below at some school in Changsha...I'm certain it would have stuck better in my mind better had we a slightly less annoying guide.

 Still, one of my favorite shots.
 Here we are about to buy tickets for the bullet train to Guangzhou.
 Cora giving me one of those more attractive looks...probably asking me why the heck I'm taking yet another picture.
 AAAAAND the infamous "HAVE TO" get to McDonalds before the train leaves...only to finally get through security (a process that I thought would make us late for the train) and find a Mcdonalds waiting next to our train.  Our guide was very demanding that we get Mcdonalds before we got on the train.  When we found the Mcdonalds next to the train you can bet we all (All us Americans) exchanged glances that were heavy with annoyance and eye rolling.
 A view through the train.

 I would have loved to have taken a slower train through the country side, since it was laced with wonderful views.
 Despite it's speed and awesomeness, we were all so tired that it showed.  Chloe had not yet slept on her own yet.
 Next stop Guangzhou.

 Just off the train.
 Under the station, trains above and people below.  Quite a piece of workmanship!

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