Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Last Week

 Well, I have not been completely absent this week, just mostly.  I'm getting warmed up with my class and it looks like I will be there for the rest of the year which makes me happy!  I am like a grown-up now, with a real job and everything!

Chloe has been with us for a year.  That means the world to us.  She is all kinds of spectacular.  It has been a very long time since the camera has ventured near Chloe in the bath, and this is what it got!  She absolutely loves a bath.  She was splashing that day.  A LOT!
Below you see what it looked like for me on my drive to work the other day.  It got worse the next day.

 Here you see Chloe wearing my shirt.
 Below you see her in her cow suit.
 She loves her Legos, too.
 And the snow.  She loves snow.  She outlasted the other kids at day care the other day.  Apparently she was the last to go in and Nana made it sound as though she'd willingly have stayed out longer.

We had an interesting experience the other day.  Our stove decided to try to burn down the house.  We were trying to bake something, but the broiler came on instead.  And we had no way to turn it off!  We hit the reset button.  Nothing happened.  We switched the breaker and that is what stopped it.  I waited and thought that it would reset itself, but it did not.  As soon as power was restored, it came back to life and tried to broil away. We decided to try and get a repairman out here.  It was going to cost more than we wanted to spend, so we did some talking and bought a new one.  

Here you can see Chloe watching the delivery guys!

And below you see our beautiful new family member!  I stood in front of her earlier today and it wasn't too hard to imagine piloting a starship.  OK, maybe I have watched too much Star Trek, but I swear I heard Captain Picard say, "Engage!"

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