Saturday, November 5, 2011


 I feel like a steam roller parallel parked on me.  And, given the state of my body, it was a young, inexperienced driver, who had to make numerous corrections.  I officially have Cora's cold/flu.  Last night was a haze of wakeful sleeping.  I took some cold meds and those kept me at or below consciousness most of the night.  I know I was up a few times to help make a bottle or take more meds or just sit there dazed being miserable.  I have a feel for what Cora experienced this last week.  She has my deepest sympathy and commiseration.  Jeez, this is not something you want to get!

On the other hand, while I was being miserable, I did turn to my computer.  I edited some photos, simply because it didn't take much brain power and helped me ignore my I sound pathetic yet?   Anyway, I worked on some photos, and here are a few of them.  I wasn't doing anything in a particularly planned way, but I think these turned out ok.

I especially like this next one.  It is a neat landscape I think.
 And this one of Cora and Chloe at the beach, it makes me smile.
 and then there is the one of me and Chloe...can I just say, I think my wife has a certain way with the camera, even though she says otherwise.
Well, I think I'll go back to watching Chloe play and being miserable next to my beautiful, if equally miserable, wife.


Anonymous said...

so sorry you're sick... these shots & editing are all really cool...

Do you know what the Gradient Map is in Paint Shop Pro? I saw it on some else's blog & like the effect, but can't find it in PSP... any ideas?

Lorrene said...

What is this new flu? The Cora flu, you say? I don't know if they have a vaccine for that one yet.

Love the photo's as always.