Sunday, November 13, 2011

Climbing Out of a Hole

I am feeling better.  It is still a long road out of that hell that was a cold for a week.  I haven't taken any new photos for a week and I haven't blogged much at all.  To top it off, all last week I had red eyes because of the cold.  All week long I had students coming in and asking me if I was High...WTH?  "NO, I'M SICK!" was usually my response.  My inner response was more vociferous and would have been wounding to their egos and self respect.  If I had been armed with a pair of gauntlets, I would like to have soundly slapped each offending student with them, but sadly there were no gauntlets available.

I am now feeling fine during daylight hours, but much the opposite of a vampire, the moment the sun goes down I start feeling crappy.  I start coughing and hacking and heaving.  I don't like it.

All I have for you is this photo.  Sorry.



SpunkyBookworm said...

I love her little coat!

jade said...

Glad to watch the pretty "only" picture, sad to read you're still suffering from "highness"... hope you'll be all well soon!

Anonymous said...

Great picture. And don't worry about it, I've had a cold for a month now, and I can't get rid of it.