Saturday, November 19, 2011

Another Autumn Day

Chloe loves Elmo.  Here she is showing me she has Elmo on her shirt.  She also likes her new boots, which her Mom bought last weekend, and which I think are probably the cutest boots I've seen in a long while.

 Thursday, My mother was having heart problems.  I decided I'd like to spend some time with the both of them should she spend time in the hospital.  So at lunch I asked the ladies in the office if I could have sixth period to go see my mother.  The two secretaries said they'd take care of it.  The phone was ringing in my room before I got it unlocked.  I answered and it was one of the secretaries.  She said they had subs lined up for me for the rest of the day, I could leave at noon.   I made it to the emergency room within minutes of my parents and was able to spend time with them for the rest of the afternoon.  Those secretaries made it easier on my parents, whether they knew it or not.

My mother had a stint put in her heart a little over two weeks before.  Yet, she thought she could do stuff like work around the house and stack wood after the first week.  Her heart had objections, and we all had to discuss exactly what one does after a heart surgery.  Her doctor, to my mom's credit, did not specify what constituted acceptable activity, so it wasn't all her fault.  Still, she NOW knows she needs to take it easy!  She is fine now and taking things slow.

Yesterday, on the way home from a long day at school, I took these shots of the weather.
 I thought the clouds were beautiful.

 The pictures below are a couple shots I took yesterday morning, also trying to showcase the clouds and light.
 Both are HDR to make the most of the highlights and lowlights.
 We have lots to do this weekend.  We are finally feeling better!  We may even get out of the house!!

Chloe seems to think 7am is as late as people should sleep on the weekend, so we are both up early.

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SpunkyBookworm said...

Thinking of you and your mom. You're a great son!