Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Just, You Know, Stuff.

I haven't taken many pictures lately.  I haven't done much of anything it seems.  I want to, but work and life seem to get in the way.  We did decorate for Christmas, but I still need to get the Christmas boxes back out to the shed.  I guess it's just the time of year that it seems like there's so much to do but so little sunlight.  I automatically start to power down once the sun slips below the horizon and I want to go hibernate with a book and a blanket and a hot beverage.
Chloe does not get that same feeling from the sun going down, instead she just keeps going.  She was up for who knows how long last night.  I know Cora did not get much rest.  Cora took the brunt of Chloe's Chloe-ness and let me sleep, but I don't feel very rested at all.  I hope that Chloe decides to sleep tonight.

On the bright side, she went to her one month check up after the ear tube and passed with flying colors!  The doctor was very pleased with how it looks.  She, of course, caused every person in the waiting room to fall instantly in love with her.  We are constantly followed by comments, sometimes said in hushed voices and sometimes not so hushed, of how cute she is.  Sometimes I reply, "I know.  We live with toxic levels of cute, one can only wonder what long term exposure will do to far I feel normal, but I may grow a third arm...who knows."

I have to go deal with my vaguely human students today again.  My last class yesterday simply trampled all over my patience and I finally assigned them an essay due at the beginning of class today.  That was assigned about 4 minutes before the bell rang because they just would not shut up!  I hadn't planned to make it due at the beginning of class, but one of the idiots asked if that were the case and it sounded like a slightly mean thing to do, so I said, "YES!"

Today I get to take the little fiends out in the halls and see what five billion years looks like in an attempt to model it in the physical they can visualize it...yeah, we'll just see how that works...wish they'd issue a tazer...I bet I'd get more cooperation from them.

And that is it for now.

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