Sunday, November 13, 2011

It's Not Much

 So, I felt better today and we all needed to get out.  So we stopped at a park with some swings.  I took a few pictures.  These are them.  I applied a "photolook" to each and I am fairly happy with the results.  They make me happy.  I usually take every photo and apply separate things to each, some need more contrast, while others need more saturation.  These I did not do as much with, but simply added the "photolook."  I look at it as cheating in a way, since I like the personal touch, but I am learning that I don't have to do everything, but I know what to add and what to take away, so I guess that is something.  And, on the brightside, sometimes my pictures look ok!  
 Let me say, once again, that my daughter is probably the cutest little girl in existence.  She sings along with her CD in the car.  She loves Elmo.  She repeats many things we say.  She has particular likes and dislikes.  She got up at four in the morning and expected to go play in her kitchen.  "Chichen, chichen..."  It took awhile for me to understand what she was saying, at least until she walked strait to her kitchen and began picking up cups and plates.  I also understood that 4AM is way too early for a little girl to get up on the weekend, so I whisked her off to bed.

Speaking of which, I slept in her room for awhile last night because we moved the vaporizer into her room and I wished to sleep a bit without coughing.  She seems to be starting to cough, so we are moving to keep her from getting as sick as we did.

So, at 4AM I brought her to lie next to me in her room.  She slept pretty well, too...on my arm.  I didn't mind.  There is just something about your daughter snoring at your shoulder that makes all the discomforts slide away.  She is a pile of awesome.  It was a good night, until she awoke at 6:30AM.  Oh, well, sleep is overrated.
 Daughters, however, are awesome, no matter what time of the day it is.


Lorrene said...

Another new coat !! Beautiful little girl.

jade said...

The pictures are just perfectly awesome! You did great, again, and Chloe, well, you don't need me to tell you she IS cute

Rose said...

Oh, my, wouldn't she and my granddaughter Lorelei have a can see her at my Pics and pieces blog...what would we do without them?