Sunday, November 27, 2011

Make Shift Studio and a Holiday Weekend I Don't Want to End

 Cora and I set up what can best be described as a poor man's studio.  It was an old projector screen with every movable light in the house in the area, plus an old white sheet.  It left much to be desired.  Still, we got a couple of impromptu photos that turned out.  Chloe has had a few bad experiences with that darned screen, so she was reluctant to go near it...apparently she doesn't trust her dad when it comes to certain issues of safety.  Still, it worked ok for being last minute.
We've done a little holiday shopping and during that time we have been trying to introduce Chloe to Santa.  In Lowes ( a home improvement store) there was what can best be described as a 20 foot santa, blown up with fans and lit from within.  Chloe was instantly enamored.  

We happened to be in Walmart today and there was a Santa and they were giving out free pictures.  Well, we dove right in...err, Chloe did.  She was a little careful, but in the end decided that Santa was definitely OKAY!  Especially after the man gave her a candy cane...She likes candy.  I bet you're surprised about that!

So, we came home and decorated the house (outside).  Cora and I strung up lights while Chloe took a nap.  Cora'd promised her to go for a walk when she awoke, so she went quietly.  After that I went back to Walmart for the free photo.

As you can see Chloe approved!
 Her First Santa!
 And, as promised, we all went for a walk.   Chloe, at times riding, at others pushing.
 I gave her a flashlight and made her night.
 She got back in the stroller and then we went around a corner and she wanted out again...perhaps you can see why.
 Look closer...yeah, it's SANTA!  SANTA!  SANTA!
We've created a monster!  Happy Holidays!!


Lorrene said...

Love those photos and her little Chinese dress. Sounds like you had a fun weekend.

SpunkyBookworm said...

Looks like a wonderful weekend!