Friday, November 4, 2011

Revisiting Old Shots

 The task for Photo Art Friday this week was to try doing something out of your comfort zone.  I'm paraphrasing.  I don't generally go for more processing than is necessary to make the image stand up for itself.  But this week, I tried to consciously overstep the bounds of my limiting self-censure.  So, here are some of the shots I've been editing.

I've really enjoyed seeing some shots on-line that hearken back to the photos in my parents' photo albums when I was growing up.  Those semi-focused, color-tinged, faded photos held a lot of character.  Character I did not recognize until I thought to try to emulate them.  So, here are a few of my attempts to stand up to the Photo Art Friday challenge.  I know not everyone will find them...appealing, but then, that is what art is, different to everyone, right?
Since I did not take much in the way of photos this week, I had to look back through my files for something to edit.  I chose a few of the less obvious examples simply so I could see if the editing could resurrect an otherwise dull image.  If you think I succeeded or not, please let me know.  Despite what some people might think, criticism is good.  Especially when it is constructive.  

So, if you have a suggestion please, don't hesitate to comment.  I am not so understanding of people who would say, "I don't like it" and leave it at that.  Say, "I don't like it because..."  I want to know why, that way I might fix it the next time, of course, there is the distinct possibility I'll ignore you, too.  Still, if you at least try constructive criticism I won't be irritated by you the way I was at a guy who commented on one of my photos on  He said, concerning the photo at the top:   "good scene but i don't like the composition (my opinion!)"  

So, far from being the whiny jerk some people might think I am, I just want to know how the "scene" is different from the "composition?"  Both being reliant on the subject matter and view point in my view.  Was he perhaps not fond of my post-processing?  If so, I can understand that.  That is why I usually try to retain the majority of the original photo's characteristics, but again, I am trying to step out of my comfort zone.  I deleted his comment because it did not make sense to me...perhaps someone has a better idea of what he meant.
Anyway, this is doubtlessly going to be a long-winded post, so you may just want to skip to the pictures and be done.  I don't blame you, but I have been light on posting lately.  So, I aim to type as much as I can while I am awake.  

We've been sick lately, and by we I mean Cora.  Who spent a couple days home, miserable as can be.  I even went into town before work to get her some better meds the other day.  She seems to be getting a little better.  The doctor prescribed a medicine that seemed to be worse than the sickness!  Seriously, it was bad enough that the cold/flu had her on her knees, but for the supposedly curing medicine to slap her while she was down was just a bit more than she needed.  Fortunately she rectified that and seems to be getting better slowly.

As if that weren't enough, I am coming down with what she's got and I heard Chloe coughing this morning, so I am hoping she just needed to clear her throat and is not coming down with what we have.  

Yesterday afternoon, I went into town to get Cora's new prescription.  I went alone so she would not have to drag her tired butt into the car.  Well, that back fired because I locked myself out of the car.  So, she had to come in like the cavalry and save my bacon.  I have an awesome wife.  Not one little bit of irritation and nothing in the way of taunting.  I would not have been so nice, but we all know who is the better person!  She is!!

Change of subject...

I met with a parent the other day.  Supposedly she was coming in to check on her child's work, but it became more of something out of a twelve step program than a check up on a student's progress.  Seriously, there were times when I was irritated with my choice of a seat away from the door.  The person was, for lack of a better phrase, bat shit crazy.  

Putting her sentences together to be understood required severe focus, as her words wove in and out of coherence and sometimes her line of thought ended in strangled pretense.  Other times they lingered on the edge of reason and logic.  Let me try to reconstruct a few words for you:  "you know how it is, and what not, while (the student's) father is not, I don't like to tell people, but you can contact my doctor, if you have something stronger than a coke I'd take it, and sometimes I just ask the doctor if he has any LSD because I'd volunteer for that, but really... "  OK, you try to pick something concrete out of that jumble of words and you have an idea of what that hour of my life was like, particularly as I contemplated the consequences of me just leaving and what I'd rather be doing.  It was more of a soliloquy than a conversation and I was an unwilling audience member.   

Sometimes you know kids can't chose their family, but they sure seem to rise above them!  Makes me want to award the kid some extra credit for being so even headed!  On the other hand, I have a wonderful family, for whom I am very thankful for.  My mother went in for a scope of her heart, since she's been having some troubles.  They ended up putting a stint in, so she stayed overnight.  It was something of a last minute thing, otherwise I would have taken the day off to be with them.  But it was successful and my mom seems to be feeling better already.  So that's good news.  

Chloe and I went to see my parents at the hospital the other evening while Cora attempted to regain some health...and sleep.  It was a good visit and my daughter continues to ensnare unsuspecting strangers into adoring her with just a glance...I think she's magical.  The nurses recognized her on sight and seemed to become smitten instantly.  My parents can't help bragging about their grand children, so I am sure the whole hospital had heard of her by the end of the day.  

I'll leave you to contemplate my jumble of words and mixed reasoning later, but now you can look over this photo, which I have tried to update and process further.  What do you think?  
Thank goodness it is Friday!  I need my days of rest now that I seem to be getting hit again by this God Forsaken Cold!  I hope you all have a good Friday and enjoy your loved ones like I do!

Oh, and skip on over to Pixel Dust for some other cool Photo Art Friday shots!

Photo Art Friday


Bonnie said...

LOVE the abstract and muted qualities of your last image here Jim. I also like images like this with negative space - although I have trouble leaving perfect enough alone on my own images.

The vintage feel of the photos of your daughter are great - nice addition to your library of photos of and for her.

Very uplifting! Thanks for sharing with Photo Art Friday!

Karen Dorcas, Artist said...

I always enjoy your photos and like all of these, especially the ones of Cora. She is beautiful and I hope you get better soon. Thanks for sharing. kareninkenai

Anonymous said...

Jim you talk over my head sometimes which is alright, but I don't understand how you do all this with your pictures and that is alright you are the artist not me. I check every day to see what new stuff you have added to your blog and you always amass me. Sorry, you and Cora are sick hope you get to feeling better real soon,and Chloe doesn't catch this bug.
Aunt Carol

Linda said...

Beautiful work! Thank you for sharing in Photo Art Friday!

LeAnne said...

I favor the last image as well....beautiful tones!

Pat said...

I can see why people adore your daughter at first sight! The photos of her are precious. I like the colors in the hot air balloon photo.

Ida said...

Great work. Your daughter is adorable. Love the Hot Air Balloons and the subtle colors of the photo. I'm so new to editing, photography myself that I wouldn't even know where to begin critiquing someone's work but I do know what I enjoy viewing.