Thursday, December 30, 2010

Who Knew!?

Who knew that leaving the country would be so much work?  I spent the last two days trying to get quotes, and finally tickets, to go to China!  First it was me trying it on my own, but after a few hours, I was overwhelmed and turned to the professionals.  Cora and I had a basic picture of how we want things to go down, plus we have the specific dates that need to see us somewhere specific.  Still, we wanted to be open to changes if it would save us money.

I sent the requisite information and awaited the replies.  I got replies and found that there were things wrong with them.  I made corrections, sent them off, made calls and wrote emails clarifying things and smoothing things the end, I spent A LOT of time on the computer and phone.  I cannot imagine how that kind of thing went down before the internet!

And I won't even begin to go into the complications and idiocy created by our agency!  Let me just say I pulled a little hair out of my head because of them today.

I also went into town to get the two syringes and needles and stuff we are to take with us to China in case someone needs to give us a shot or take blood from us in China.  You would think that would be a simple order.  Turns out that, NO!  it isn't!!  I went to a Safeway store to get this prescription filled a few months ago.  They filled all the pills, but had no syringes.  they told me go to "Keeler's."

I walked into Keeler's and they looked at me like I was an alien...OK.  This might not be so easy.  I looked at the guy.  "Where CAN I get them then?"  He said, scratching his head in a doubtful way, "The hospital?"  I looked at him again to be sure he was serious.  He was. OK, off I went.

I showed up at the hospital and asked the information lady how to get to the pharmacy, "Go down this hall, take a left, then a right, go up two flights of stairs, take an elevator to the basement, turn right, then left, then take an elevator up three levels, down a hall to the right, then down two flights, step out, turn left, jump up and down three times, then skip backward ten paces, take another left and go twenty-three feet, stop immediately, duck, side-step, stand straight, then take four steps and...," Well, you get the picture ...I only had to turn around once.  I walked into the pharmacy and said what I needed.  The guy looked at me like I was an alien.  I was beginning to wonder if I had grown a third eye or something.  I explained my problem...again.  They still seemed to think I wasn't from around there.  Again, I asked, "Well, where CAN I get these things?"  He convened a huddle between him and two nurses and a trained baboon.  When they broke, he said, try "Tieton Village!"

Off to Tieton Village I went.  I was beginning to think I should try finding one of those vans that give out clean needles to drug addicts, but I wouldn't know where to go.  I made it to Tieton Village.  They looked at me like I was an alien.  I waved that off and gave them my sob story.  They showed a gleam of recognition and soon I was looking at syringes on the counter in front of me.  I said, "OK, how much?"  They looked at me, looked at the syringes.  The one looked at the pharmacist, who shrugged and said, "How about a dollar?"  OK!  I dug in my pocket and found 60 cents.  DAMN!  I hate this day!  I ran out to the truck and managed to squeeze enough change out of the rug to make a dollar.  I returned and took ownership of syringes I hope I never need to use.

I returned home and made a few more finishing touches to our travel plans...which are not quite set in concrete yet, but, looking good and for a better price than we dreamed!

I cannot wait to see China!!

I leave you with a photo I snapped today, since I made sure to take my camera with me to town!


Lorrene said...

Your instructions to find the pharmacy sounds about right.LOL I had to go there not too long ago.
Only a few more days and you can relax. At least while you're in the air.

jade said...

Sounds like a fun day... The picture is beautiful though! So not that bad a day I would say.
I was just wondering: how do you book a ticket for a child that is not officially yours yet, but you know will be by the time you catch the flight to return home? If you ever have the courage to explain, I'm interested (as much as I was to try to follow the instructions to get to the pharmacy!)
Happy New Year to you and yours!