Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Day Without a Camera!

 I had lots to do today.  Among these things was get prices for tickets to China...HURRAYYY!!!!!!

I also had to get a few things in town.  Now, being the person I am I often see things I might want to take a photo of, but it was just a drive into town and as I gazed at my wonderful camera, I decided, "Nah, I won't see anything worth taking photos of..." And I left it home.  I regretted it by the time I drove into town.  A Lockheed P-3 Orion was making touch and goes at the airport.  I drove to the airport and took this photo with my stupid phone.  I am convinced I should keep a camera with me all the time...look how close I was!  With my Nikon, I could have shown you the copilot.

After this photo, it landed, came to a full stop at the end of the runway, turned around and made a high speed run back toward me at the approach end of the runway.  He then aborted and came to a stop at the approach end of the runway and turned around again. That's him below.  This time he took off again.  The P-3 is a Navy Patrol plane.  It is used for a number of things, from hunting submarines, to patrolling the coast and shipping, to electronic surveillance of other countries.

I went ahead and got my groceries.  The entire time that P-3 kept buzzing the store.  He was rubbing in the fact that I did not have my camera and I could do nothing about it.
 On the bright side, I did get to see one of my favorite people in the store, though!!  My niece Leah!!
And folks, China is going to be awesome.  I think i might be coming down off the freaking out...a bit.  I am really looking forward to this!!!!  I have been for several years now, but now it's REAL!!


Lorrene said...

That sweet little Leah, she always has a smile for the camera.

oh and I liked the airplane too.

Anonymous said...

Leah looks like a pro a the picture taking. she a little doll.
Aunt Carol

jade said...

ps (to the comment I just left on the post before): please take your/a camera with you to China, I'm so looking forward to a new picture of Chloe!