Saturday, December 11, 2010

Snowy Weekend!

 You should totally live where I do.  Look at the neighbor's house!  Doesn't that look like a gingerbread house?

I shoveled four times today.  Cora caught me on media.
We got over six inches today!

While I made myself busy doing dishes and shoveling sidewalks, Cora was doing her thing.  I made a mean beef soup and she did a lot of work around the house...made me feel like I was useless...but that isn't a new feeling, and it isn't her fault, she's just awesome!

Did I mention we got a crab and a shrimp last weekend? yeah, we did.  The crab went in my tank and the shrimp in her 16 gallon reef.  The next day we could not find the shrimp.  We were afraid it had died because we had not see it for the next several days.  That upset Cora.  Yesterday, on the way back from work, I stopped and bought another shrimp to see if I could make Cora happy by getting her a shrimp that would NOT die.  As I was acclimatizing it to its new home she got home early and caught me.  So, she watched me let the shrimp out.  As I was letting it out I mentioned that maybe the damsels (fish) might have attacked it...I let it out.  The fish attacked it.  We moved it to my tank.  Clowns are much more friendly.  

This morning, this was in her sixteen gallon reef.
 Apparently the first shrimp survived, but likes to hide...Son. Of. A. Shoot, I can't stay mad that long.  Look at the clown! 
 They don't mind photo shoots.

Cora decided to decorate for the holidays...

And here is what it looks like outside right now!


Lorrene said...

Everything is fabulous as always, but the thing that impresses me the most is the nice things you say about Cora.
You learned the secret.
Keep the wife happy and you'll have a great life.

Kelly said...

I love shrimp! I had some that were going to have babies, but I tried to move them into a "safe" place and they didn't make it. :(