Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Snow Angel

 OK, you saw that photo of Cora and just went on down to look at the rest.  STOP.  Go back.  Look at that photo of Cora.  Tell me, do you see the wing and the halo?  Yes, she is holding a kitty, but look at the lamp!  That's a halo!  and the chair is her wing...I always knew she was an angel, but this proves it...and it was completely accidental!  She is awesome!

And here is some snow fall that happened tonight...unfortunately, for less than a half-hour...could really use a few more inches!

Maybe we'll have a nice white Christmas this year!


Kelly said...

Wow - she really is an angel!

Cora said...

at least we got to walk in it. Love taking walks in the snow with you!