Monday, December 13, 2010

Cold Dead Hands

So, there are days, and in our case, decades, when. it. sucks.  Our Agency said a couple weeks ago that they had phone numbers to rattle cages at USCIS (immigration).  Well, today, I called to ask them to rattle those cages.  We, apparently, must NOT rattle the cages of USCIS...they don't LIKE it.  And, if annoyed, they will make sure your stuff gets dropped in the garbage can.  Being a governmental agency, however, I am NOT allowed to threaten them.  (Have you ever seen that at the various government agencies? US Post Office, etc.? Maybe there's a reason they need those signs)  Our "agency" has gone through "accepted" channels (i.e. e-mail) and, even though it's been a week, it isn't past the expected time for a response.  (How long does it take YOU to answer an e-mail?)  

Murder. Death. Kill.

I have been finding it difficult to stay in the spirit of the season.  

Murder. Death. Kill.  

I might also be too much of a fan of science fiction.  Stallone and Snipes in Demolition Man...remember that?  Yeah, I'm thinking I'll have to go pry our change of country approval out of USCIS' COLD DEAD HANDS.  Actually, that seems a worthy (and entertaining) goal.  

So, NO ONE has EVER asked WHY they have those signs up? Because I think it's because they SUCK.

And they deserve to WORRY when they walk out to their cars at night...especially if they have a hand in delaying our change of country approval.  OK, I am unhappy at having to wait so long.  I just want to go get my daughter.  I wish I could explain to them in person how important it is that they approve us!!

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SpunkyBookworm said...

Okay, this may sound gross, but as I was in the shower this morning, I was thinking that you should get in touch w/ your senator at the local level and see how they can help you out. Don't laugh or anything. It's worth a shot!