Thursday, December 23, 2010

Phinally Photos!

As you know, yesterday, I reached the Google 1GB limit of photos on my blog!  I had to spend five bucks to buy more memory.  So, here are the rest of the photos I was planning to share.  I took these on Monday.

 There is something about the snow that makes me happy to take photos.
 I don't know if it is the purity of the snow or the fact that the weather tends to blank out ugly backgrounds.
 I don't know.  I DO KNOW that I enjoy the pictures I get.
 The harvest...apparently didn't reach these trees.
 We also found out that we have immigration approval yesterday!!  We get to go get Chloe!  We are waiting for the hard copy, and THAT will be the actual notification, but it was good to have the immigration officer call.  Apparently she judged that I intended to continue calling until I got some information.  Each call continued to get longer and more positive...wishing her happy holidays, and pointing out that we hoped she would get to spend it with family, which we hoped to do.  Any information she could share would REALLY make our Christmas, and our families would share in that joy...etc., ect., etc., ad nauseam.   REALLY, I began to ham it up a bit.  I think that's what pushed her over the edge.
The point is: there is nothing big between us and our girl!  Now, we will have a wonderful Christmas secure in the knowledge that this will be our last as a couple.  Our small family will grow!

I plan to have more pictures for you soon.  Lately, it has been much about making it through each day.  Now that we have a positive look at the adoption I feel more like looking for pretty pictures!


Lorrene said...

Your photo's really are awesome, but I don't have to tell you that. LOL
I especially love the frosted apples. That is so pretty.

Chloe will enjoy her new parents. She will never be bored again.

Charissa said...

Nice pics